DanMadu Strategy

Danmadu Oil & Gas focuses on the production, sourcing, processing, refinement, transport, storage, financing, and supply of metals and minerals, and energy products. The key elements of our strategy include Continuing to leverage geographic scope and diversification of operations We intend to build upon our position as physical commodity suppliers and track record of extending product and geographical range by continuing to target market share increases and expansion in emerging markets. Capitalize on strategic investments in industrial assets Our strategic investments in industrial assets are an important component of our physical sourcing strategy for our marketing activities.

We at Danmadu Oil & Gas believe these investments provide a competitive advantage over our peers which are less vertically integrated. Focus is on cost management and further enhancing logistical capabilities We intend to continue our focus on cost control and  operational efficiencies at our industrial assets and the sourcing of competitively priced physical commodities from reliable third-party suppliers.


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